History of The All Ireland Irish Terrier Club


The All Ireland Irish Terrier Club was founded in 1945. Unfortunately the AGM book commences in 1949 so the first 4 years information is not available.

The Secretary in 1949 was John Sweeney. The Chairperson was Fenton Fitzgerald and in 1966 he went on to be President of the Club. Mr W O’Boyle another founding member of the Club was the Treasurer from 1949-1960, he was then replaced by Mrs P Delaney. Miss Caldwell took over in 1962 and remained in office until 1965 when Seamus Sweeney took over.

From 1949 to 1961 the AGM’s took place in the Grosvenor Hotel in Westland Row.  In 1952 the membership subscription was increased from 5 shillings to 7 shillings and 6 pence.

The All Ireland Irish Terrier Club members donated “Specials” in 1954 and 1955 which were presented to the winners of Classes at the St Patrick’s Day Show.

During the 1950’s and 1960’s the Club held reunions and tea dances for its members. These were always well attended.

Captain Kent, the then President and founding member of the Club passed away in 1960 and his wife Mrs Kent took over as President at the next AGM until 1964.

1962 the Club’s meetings moved to the Great Northern Hotel on Amiens St. This year also saw Henry Fottrell became a Patron of the Club. Also that year Seamus Sweeney was voted on to the committee and remained there for two years. He was then elected as Treasurer in 1965. In 1965 Eddie O’Brien and Gerry Sweeney were both voted onto Committee. Eddie O’Brien took a break from the committee from 1971 to 1974. The Chairperson at this time was Mr Peter Delaney. Mr Delaney also served as IKC Rep for the Club for many years. In the years 1965 -1976 the Club had two Representatives to Council, from 1965 to 1973 the second Rep was Seamus Sweeney. Following Peter Delaney’s death in 1974 Gerry Sweeney was nominated as the second Representative to IKC. The membership subscription was increased in 1964 to 10 shillings.

1967 saw the Club move its show date to its now traditional date in May.

In 1971 Dick Jordan was elected as Vice President of the Club.

The AGM for 1973 was held in Buswell’s Hotel, Molesworth St. This year the Membership subscription was raised to 75pence. The following year the AGM was in the Hotel Pelletier and during this year the death occurred of long time Chairperson, Peter Delaney. He was replaced by Mr Nick Beggs as Chair. Mr Beggs had been a committee member since 1968. Unfortunately he passed away in 1975. 1975 saw Mr Donal O Donoghue become Chairperson following two years on the committee and Eddie O Brien was elected as Vice Chair.

The Committee organised a Peter Delaney Memorial Limited Show in 1976.

Tommy Murphy joined the Committee in 1977. In 1978 Bensons and Hedges sponsored the Club Show and Martin Kealy was elected as a Patron to the Club. The Representation at An Ard Chomhairle was reduced to one and this was Gerry Sweeney.

In 1979 the AGM was held in Harcourt Hotel the new President elect was Jack Sweeney and John Sweeney took over the role of Secretary.

In 1980 The AGM moved to the CIE Hall, this year saw the death of Joe Delmar who was a founding member of the Club. This year saw Eddie O Brien be elected as a Vice President.

The 36th AGM of the Club was held in the Royal Oak, Parkgate St. This year saw the addition of Mr Tom Deegan and Derek Vaughan to the Committee. A motion from the Irish Breeds Society seeking support in their affiliation application to IKC was passed unanimously.

In 1982, at Glenalbyn, Tom Deegan was voted in as Vice Chairperson. Membership subscriptions were divided into two categories, single and Joint and the Single Membership was increased from 75 pence to £1 and the Joint membership was £1.50.

1983 saw the Club Show move temporarily to Dublin Dog Show Society Show. Alice Deegan joined the committee this year. Membership subscriptions were once again increased to £1.50 and £2 and a new category, Life Membership was introduced, this was agreed at £20.  A trimming demonstration was organised for November.

1985 saw the death of founding member Jack Sweeney and the Club hosted a Jack Sweeney Memorial Limited Show. At the AGM Dick Jordan was elected President and Martin Kealy was elected as Chairperson and Mr M Meagher was voted in as the new Secretary. Tommy Murphy stood down from the Committee.

The 1986 Club Show was sponsored by Speedway Couriers. This year also saw the Club meetings move to Lower Baggot St. Gerry Sweeney and Tom Deegan were elected as Vice Presidents of the Club. Once again the Club had two representatives to An Ard Chomhairle, these were Gerry Sweeney and Mr M Meagher.

In 1987 Mr M Meagher sadly passed away and Alice Deegan took over as Show Secretary. The Club Show was sponsored by PJ Carroll and Company. At the AGM later in the year Alice Deegan was duly elected Secretary.

1991 was the first year the Club show lost money, prize money had been offered to class winners until this year. The membership subscriptions were raised to £3 Joint and £2 single.

In 1992 Eileen Davis and Susan Kealy became Vice Presidents of the Club.

Tracy Deegan Foley joined the Committee in 1994.

In 1995 to celebrate the Club’s 50th anniversary, which happed to coincide with the World Congress Show in Cloghran, the Club  held a Table Quiz and a Dance. Tom Deegan became a Vice President.

1996 saw Gerry Sweeney take over in the role as President. Overseas Vice Presidents were introduced at the Club. Susan Kealy was made a Patron of the Club.

In 1997 Native Breeds held a Seminar at which Jimmy and Gerry made a presentation on the Breed. That year also saw an Irish Terrier win BIS at St Patrick’s Day Show. Paul Anderson and Philip O’Brien also joined the committee.

Due to decreasing funds in 1998 it was decided to cease Life Memberships for a period of no less than ten years.

1999 saw Paddy Carroll become a Vice President while Tom Deegan took over as IKC Representative. John Canty, Mary Deegan and Paul Sweeney joined the Committee. Mr P McGee donated a trophy in memory of the late Gerry Sweeney.

At the 2000 AGM Jimmy Sweeney was voted in as President of the Club.

2001 saw the dog scene close down for most of the year due to Foot and Mouth disease. Tommy Murphy sadly passed away. At the AGM a Rule was enforced that new members must serve three years consecutive membership prior to being eligible to be elected onto Committee.

2004 saw the sad passing of Martin Kealy. Martin was a Patron of the Club since 1978. Tom Deegan was elected Chairperson and Fionnuala Malone joined the Committee.

In 2005 Fionnuala Malone was elected Auditor and Con Hackett and Jennifer Kealy joined the Committee.

Alice Deegan sadly retired as Secretary in 2006 following 19 years as Secretary of the Club. Brid Buckley took her place. Nick and Ann White joined the Committee.

In 2008 The Alice Deegan Perpetual Trophy was donated by the Deegan family in memory of Alice. Fionnuala Malone was elected Treasurer.

Due to Insurance reasons the meetings were moved from the School in Baggot St to Larry Murphys Pub in 2009, and they remain in the same venue to this date. Con Hackett was elected Vice Chairperson and Paddy Carroll was given Honorary Life Membership.

2010 saw Micheál O Reilly, John Carroll, Mossie Dowling and John Canty join the Committee.

In 2011 Laura Carroll joined the Committee.

At the 2012 AGM Brid Buckley resigned as Secretary and Fionnuala Malone was elected as her replacement. After 12 years as IKC Rep Tom Deegan resigned this position and John Canty was elected in his stead. Tom was elected President of the Cub and Con Hackett Vice President. Jennifer Kealy became Treasurer and Mossie Dowling Honorary Auditor. Tom Deegan retired from the Show Ring and a presentation was made to him by Con Hackett on behalf of the Club. Phyllis McGee sadly passed away.

The 2013 AGM saw John Canty become the Club's IKC Rep. 

In 2014 John Carroll became the Chairperson, Mossie Dowling the Treasurer, Jennifer Kealy the IKC Rep and Paddy Carroll, John Harty and Mick Doyle joined the Committee. John Canty was chosen as our Audior.

2015 saw Eddie O'Brien became Vice President again. Con Hackett became Chairperson with Frank Byrne joining the Committee and becoming Vice Chair. Micheal O'Reilly and John Canty re-joined the Committee with Stephen Kennedy being voted on for the first time. The Members voted to increase the membership subscriptions from €3.50 for a single membership to €5, from €5 to €7.50 for a joint membership and to introduce a family membership of €10. This rule change will come into force at our AGM in 2016.

2016 saw our  President, Tom Deegan, sadly passed away in January 2016. At our AGM in May Eddie O’Brien was installed as our new President. Philip O’Brien became a Vice President.  Due to Mossie Dowling working away he could not stand for the position of Treasurer, he was replaced by Jennifer Kealy. Micheál O’Reilly stood down due to work commitments, John Harty and Stephen Kennedy did not go forward for the Committee. Mick Doyle was not returned. The previously serving committee members of John Carroll, John Canty and Frank Byrne were joined by Laura Carroll, Susan Kealy and a first timer on the committee, Shane O’Donnell.

2017 welcomed our 50th anniversary Show, our third Newsletter was launched and it included a list of all the Irish Terrier Champions since the foundation of the IKC. A new Club badge was also launched to celebrate our 50th anniversary Show. Our membership subscriptions were increased to €5 single, €7 joint and €10 family.
In 2018 we welcomed our first Saudi Overseas Vice President, Mossie Dowling. Shane O'Donnell stood down from the committee and was replaced by Siobhán Anderson. 

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